Tom Lehane


With almost 25 years of experieince in digital product design, development and operations, I've learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn't. I have also built relationships with countless hugely talented individuals, and fantastic partners/suppliers. Having lived and worked in the UK and Sweden, and been responsible for deliveries based in various locations (the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Singapore, Poland and Bulgaria) I understand the intricacies of distributed teams and what is needed for efficient, effective and sustainable teamwork.


Ola Tiverman

“I have never worked with a better operations manager than Tom. His skills span from people/managerial to technical/hands on. Organised, systematic and with a good business sense of what is urgent and not, and how to best spend limited resources to keep a 24/7 SaaS performing with exceptional uptime.”

- Ola Tiverman - President, Smoltek Semi

Stephan Seliger

“I had the opportunity to work together with Tom during his time at Enfo where he excelled in his work in every single aspect. It’s always a pleasure to work with motivated and highly skilled professionals that are able to grow both the people around them in their teams and themselves. Tom always went the extra mile ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction without losing the team’s wellbeing out of focus. Tom led by being a coach and mentor for his colleagues and team members, encouraging new ideas and embracing change - a true role model. As a team member or a leader, Tom earns my highest recommendation.”

- Stephan Seliger, Co-Founder - MojoDoo

Pia Krakowski

“I have always enjoyed working with Tom. He is thorough, hard working and good at prioritizing. Tom has a combination of technical skills and leadership skills and can easily determine what is important both in the short and long run. Tom is good at making things happen and he is also one very funny and nice fellow. Looking forward to working with you again!”

- Pia Krakowski - Product Manager, Volvo Cars Corporation

Alexander Edström

“Tom has a great and pleasant personality that would be an asset to any organisation and/or team. On top of that he is extraordinary bright, and have the ability and stamina to explain the most advanced technological concepts for anyone to understand due to his great pedagogical skill set. Tom is that kind of personality and character you want to have on your team - a great resource.”

— Alexander Edström - CEO, Atomize

Erik Lindberg

“Tom had a crucial role for me and Admeta at the time I joined the company as CFO. Tom was responsible for most aspects of the company's server park, the relationship with our outsourcing partner and the associated cost drivers. Tom immediately came across as very knowledgeable, professional and energetic. As a consequence, I was an enthusiastic supporter of the decision to promote Tom to Head of Operations a few months later. Apart from being very reliable and quick to respond to requests related to his area of responsibility, Tom often took initiatives in other areas as well. Since he also is a friendly guy with a good sense of humour, I would not hesitate to employ Tom in a similar role if I get the opportunity.”

— Erik Lindberg - CEO and Chairman, Exxentric